SIDshare is a University of Sheffield student run social enterprise that operates as an NGO.  We aim to promote engagement and partnership through knowledge exchange in the area of International Development working with over 40 partners globally. KEDA/CEDE are grassroots organisations focused on sustainable environmental and social development in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania.

For the last 7 years KEDA/CEDE, the University of Sheffield and SIDshare have worked together on a number of projects. The establishment of the Field Centre as a shared social enterprise represents the next stage of collaboration and will contribute a source of income to support the long term international development projects and activities of the two organisations.

In 2015 we received funding from University of Sheffield alumni and supporters to start building the 30 bed centre that was completed in March 2016 in time for our first field class group of International Development Masters students.

We are very proud to have sourced all the building materials and labour locally and where possible we purchase our commodities such as coffee, meat, fruit and vegetables from KEDA project stakeholders.

Download our Field Centre infographic