Do I need a Visa to travel to Tanzania?

Travellers should check with the Tanzania Consulate in their home country. Most international visitors require a tourist visa which can be acquired at Kilimanjaro airport on arrival ($50USD). Queues can sometimes be long so we recommend that you obtain your tourist visa (3mths validity) in advance of your departure if possible.

If you will be working or volunteering while staying with us, you will need to get a CTA (Conducting a Temporary Assignment) Permit ($200) when you arrive from the immigration office in Moshi. KEDA will support you in making this application.

If you are a PhD student, you will need to apply for a research permit from COSTECH.

What will the weather be like?

Monthly Temperature Rainfall Moshi

What vaccinations and medication do I need to take?

You should take anti-malarials all year round, however, mosquitos are most abundant during the long rains (April-June) and the short rains (mid October-November). You will need to bring mosquito repellent. You will also need to contact your GP or health travel advisory service to ensure that you have all the necessary vaccinations before you travel. It used to be compulsory to have a yellow vaccination certificate to enter Tanzania – now this is only required for those travelling from, or transiting through, countries where yellow fever is endemic.

Where are the nearest Health Facilities?

There is a small hospital in nearby Marangu, the Marangu Lutheran Hospital that is used to dealing with international patients due to its proximity to the climbing route. In the nearest town Moshi, about 25mins drive away, there is both a public and a private hospital.

Can I drink the tap Water?

Our water is currently not potable so you must drink the purified water available at the Centre or bottled water.

Where can I exchange Currency?

Tanzanian Shillings cannot be taken into or out of the country. You can exchange sterling or dollars very easily at banks and at Kilimanjaro International Airport. Locally, there is a bank in nearby Himo with a cashpoint and also in the village of Marangu. The nearby town of Moshi has a full range of banking services. The exchange rate is c. 3,000 TSH/£1 or 2100 TSH/$1

How can I travel around locally?

If you are not travelling in a big group, we can arrange a car and driver for you alternatively you can take a local Dala Dala shared taxi bus that run to Moshi as well as up to Marangu. For larger groups we can arrange small 18 seater through our travel partner.